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LCD Backlight Replacement 

Computer-Mark can now repair most LCD screen failures.

The most common LCD or "Liquid Crystal Display" screen failure is the backlight or the inverter unit. Most of the cost of an LCD screen is the liquid crystal substrate panel which is also the least likely to fail under normal use. This is good news since the two most expensive parts of a laptop computer are the LCD screen and the Motherboard. The backlight accounts for around 70% of LCD screen failures and is the least expensive to repair. Most backlight replacement procedures on laptop computers are under $100.00 but some LCD screens require substantially more time and materials but rarely exceed $150.00 for all parts and labor. Many external LCD monitors can be repaired for less because they are usually easier to disassemble and reassemble. If the inverter unit is the failure the replacement parts are substantially more expensive while the labor  is much less (as a general rule) and depending on the make and model will usually land in the same neighborhood as backlight replacement. This doesn't mean there aren't any exceptions as some models (especially external models). some build the inverter onto the power supply board or use a single board for power supply, inverter, and driver circuits and are likely to cost the most in parts related to backlight issues. If the LCD substrate is physically damaged, cracked, dented, or otherwise subjected to trauma, the entire assembly will almost always require replacement. For laptop computers a replacement display can cost anywhere between $250.00 and $750.00 plus the labor to install it, but some special wide screens of certain brands can be as much as $1500.00 plus the labor to install it. Do note that the majority of laptop replacement LCD screens hover in the $400.00 to $500.00 range. We recommend that you contact us to get an estimate before scrapping your laptop. Also bear in mind that almost all laptops can be connected to an external monitor. For external LCD monitors if the screen is damaged physically you may as well take it to your local recycling center and toss it, since external displays have come down so much in cost.


LCD "Liquid Crystal Display" screens are quickly becoming more popular in the computer world today. Originally the LCD screen was primarily  limited to laptop computers mostly due to the high cost in comparison to CRT or "Cathode Ray Tube" type of screen, but LCD screens are now less than a third of the price compared to just five years ago! 

CRT monitors are less desirable than LCD monitors for many reasons:

  • The biggest reason is the amount of desk space they occupy.

  • CRT monitors use more than 10 times as much power as LCD screens during use.

  • CRT screens are built using more than 20 times the amount of environmentally hazardous materials.

  • If a CRT screen is left on without a screensaver images will burn into the screen permanently

  • CRT screens are known to generate various forms of radiation.

  • Many people claim working for long periods of time with CRT screens cause stress and eye fatigue when LCD screens do not have the same effect.

  • A CRT screen flashes at the refresh rate (50 to 85 times per second). This has been known to trigger epilepsy seizures in some individuals.

  •   CRT screens contain dangerous voltages (starting at 15,000 Volts and as high as 75,000 Volts) which is also the reason they attract so much dust.

Some advantages of LCD screens:

  • They are lightweight and take up very little desk space

  • They are efficient and consume very little power

  • Images will never burn into the screen.

  • LCD backlights flash between 50,000 and 500,000 times per second and the screen does not flash at the refresh rate making them far less likely to trigger epilepsy seizures or cause fatigue. 

  • The highest voltage in an LCD is less than 2000 Volts and is only used to start the backlight which runs at typically 800 Volts and is limited to extremely low current.

Some disadvantages of LCD screens:

  • Slow response time (barely noticeable in high speed gaming and high speed cameras)

  • Less reliable, backlights typically have 20,000 to 35,000 hour life expectancy.

  • More expensive, LCD panels are typically more than twice as expensive inch for inch.

  • LCD screens are substantially more delicate and can be easily damaged.

Some advantages of CRT screens:

  • Fast response time

  • Long life expectancy


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Email: mark"at"computer-mark.com [Please replace "at" with @] (spam is out of control)

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