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Laptop Repairs

Computer-Mark can repair many Laptop Issues.

Laptop failures have a nasty tendency to be so costly that it is cheaper to buy a new  laptop computer in many cases. The most common laptop failures that turn out to be so costly are LCD screen failure and motherboard failures. Some LCD failures can be repaired with less expense as long as the screen isn't cracked. Please visit our LCD Repair page for more information.  Motherboard failures are commonly known to cost more to repair than to buy a new laptop computer, but there are some failures that can be repaired by certain experienced technicians that can service a motherboard without destroying it. We have the experience to perform the few repairs to motherboards that are feasible. The most common of these repairs is the power plug which is almost always performed with success. Before you go out and buy a new laptop computer bring it here and we can give you the best possible deal for laptop repairs. Even if we can't repair the problem we can still help get your data transferred to your new computer.


Phone (360) 683-0744

Email: mark"at"computer-mark.com [Please replace "at" with @] (spam is out of control)

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