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Web Development

For Your Business

    Web pages are the most economical way for a business to advertise and it can reach the broadest audience. Whether the target viewers cover a local city, a state, country or even the world, a web page can reach the most people with the least amount of expense especially if you have a tangible product that is easily shipped. We can build, post and maintain a website to meet your specifications. If you have a current advertisement document, theme, or idea we can build a web page to match. We can also upload it and maintain it, or train your personnel with methods to maintain, change, or update it. We will provide the flexibility to meet your needs best.

For Your Hobby

    A web page is a perfect platform to help share your hobby efforts and to invite others to collaborate with their own tips an tricks.

For Your Family

    The easiest way to share your family pictures without overloading your friend's or family's email boxes. We can set up a site so you can put all of the pictures your web space can hold in an enjoyable format that everyone can enjoy and all you have to do is send them a link in the email. They will thank you for not taking up their valuable email space and even more so if they are using dial-up and have to wait for several minutes to use their email because the line is tied up loading pictures.

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Phone (360) 683-0744

Email: mark"at"computer-mark.com [Please replace "at" with @] (spam is out of control)