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Hardware Repairs and Updating

Computer hardware is less reliable in the last few years than ever and there are times when the hardware fails. Sometimes these failures happen with the assistance of a human or animal but there are still electro-mechanical components in computers that are subject to limited life-spans. Some typical examples of hardware failures are:

  • Hard drive failures have been known to be the most common catastrophic failures. If no backup plan or fault-tolerance arrangements have been made, your data may be unrecoverable. It is always a good idea to have one or both of these precautions in place. We can make sure your data is protected against such an event as well as recover what data can be retrieved in such a situation.
  • Fan failures can be the beginning of many failures including CPU failure, motherboard failure, hard drive failure, and device card failure. It is important to be aware of your computer's cooling fans and especially be sure you know how they sound. If your computer starts running much quieter, it could be an indication that one of the cooling fans have stopped. This is not something to ignore! Today's computers have extensive cooling systems to accommodate the faster CPU,  bus, and clock speeds. If a fan stops the temperature  inside the computer can increase and the hotter electronic components get the more heat they generate. This kind of cycle can burn up components quickly causing possible harm to just about any area of the computer. Be sure to check that the fans are running smoothly or call us to check the situation out for you.
  • Sound card failures are usually software driver related, however there is the possibility that they can fail physically. If a sound card fails physically it is usually an indication of shorted or improperly configured external connections. Sometimes correcting the external wiring issue may be all that is required to solve the problem. We can verify the external connections as well as evaluate the sound card functionality.


We can solve any hardware mishaps that might occur. 



Phone (360) 683-0744

Email: mark"at"computer-mark.com [Please replace "at" with @] (spam is out of control)